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Windham, New York

Sunday, August 11, 2012

So, we found ourselves back in Windham for the second year in a row for Warrior Dash, even after doing this 'race' last year and saying we wouldn't be back (to Windham that is). Mike wanted to 'do' Warrior Dash though, so we relented and signed up for the New York race.

Even though our 'wave' wasn't until four on Saturday we made the drive to Windham earlier in the day, arriving there around 1:00 or so. We waited for a rain storm to pass and then jumped into the 1:30 wave. This years course was a bit different than last, with the mountain climb we had in '11 (which felt like a mile straight up) broken up a bit. There were some new obstacles as well, and A LOT of mud! The rain storm that blew through just before we started probably had a lot to do with that, and the course was a bit treacherous at points. We slipped, slid, climbed, and jumped up the hill and then back down again finishing a little slower than 2011.

At the bottom of the hill, after standing under the Warrior Wash for a bit, we got changed and came back in for some eats and beer. Seemed a bit 'different' than last year's (first off, where did all of the picnic tables go - we had to slum it on some rocks), and it just reinforced our opinion that we may do a Warrior Dash in the future, but this would be, definitely be, our last at Windham. Made the drive straight home afterwards (with a slight detour to Michaelangelo's for some pizza).

Total Mileage: 215 Miles

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