Rutland, Vermont

Friday, March 5, 2010 - Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ah, finally, the last hockey 'stuff' of the season. Our last tournament took us once again to an end of the season jaunt in Vermont, this time Rutland. We left after Mike got out of school on Friday, and stopped at PF Changs in Colonie before finishing the drive to Rutland, arriving there around 8:30. For this tournament, we were staying at the Holiday Inn Rutland.

Interesting thing about this hotel, as Jill was checking in the lady in line in front of her said 'we need a different sized room, the cheetah cage won't fit in the one you gave us'. The what?? Yep, a cheetah, along with a sloth, and some penguins were guests at the hotel, along with their handler, none other than Jack Hanna. He was doing a presentation at a local college on Saturday. Pretty cool, well, at least if the cheetah stayed in its cage it was pretty cool that is.

Saturday morning was our first game of the tournament, against the Adirondack Jr. Phantoms at the Giorgetti Rink. Good game - Mike played the third period and let in one, final score was Binghamton 3, Adirondack 1. Back to the hotel afterwards. We grabbed 'grinders' for lunch at Gill's Deli in Rutland - very good!

Our second game of the day came against the home team, the RAHA Spartans. We lost this game, which set up an interesting situation for the championship game (more on that in a bit). On Saturday night, the hotel we stayed at was nice enough to give us one of their conference rooms to set up our 'spread'. The team all ate together with food provided by all of the families (Jill's hockey tournament mac and cheese being the most popular dish of course!!).

We were up EARLY on Sunday morning for our last 'qualifying' game of the tournament. At 7:00, we played the Hudson Valley Polar Bears. We ended up...tying this game. However, since the 'tie breaker' was goal differential and not head to head, we went through to the championship game instead of the home Spartans!

The championship game was played against the Hudson Valley Polar Bears, our second contest against them on this Sunday. Mike started the game, and literally played his heart out. More than likely (and I know I've said this many times before) his best game ever. He played the first two periods, and surrendered only one goal on, well, a whole lotta shots! We had no less than four other parents from our team come up to us and say Mike was playing awesome and seemed to be in some sort of 'zone'. To say we were proud of him and how he played would be a major understatement, but what he told us after the game made it all that much more special. Michael said he played that game for his Poppy, and he just wanted to do good for him. Well, Michael, that was the game of your career (so far), and we're sure Poppy was smiling down from Heaven at you.

The Sens ended up losing the game, however, with the winning goal sliding in about halfway through the third period. A fitting end to the season though, as the boys played a well fought game.

We headed out after the game, stopping in Albany at the Red Lobster for lunch/dinner before going to the airport there. Jill was off to Las Vegas to teach for a week, and Mike and I finished the trip back to Binghamton.

Total Mileage: 338 Miles
Up to the point where we dropped Jill off at the airport

Total Miles Travelled:
139,891 Miles!

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