St. Louis, Missouri

Saturday, April 1, 2006 - Thursday, April 6, 2006

This was to be our last trip on the Ingenix dime. Jill started a new job shortly after this trip, and our days of travelling to distant locales under the guise of attending a 'conference' were pretty much over.

We flew from Binghamton to Pittsburgh aboard US Airways flight 4119, and then onto St. Louis aboard US Airways flight 3775 on Saturday morning. This years AAPC Annual Conference was held at the convention center in St. Louis, which was attached to the Edward Jones Dome. We stayed at the Renaissance St. Louis Suites Hotel, which was adjacent to the convention center. Across the street was the Renaissance Grand Hotel, a sister hotel to the one we were staying in. Many of the conference attendees were staying there, and we spent quite a bit of 'off' time in the bar there.

When we arrived on Saturday, after getting settled into the room, we decided to take a walk around downtown St. Louis and get a lay of the land. We quickly noticed that this was much different from say downtown San Diego. There were many, many empty store fronts, and there were many areas that it just didn't appear to be safe walking around during the day. We were both surprised by this fact, mostly because our expectations were quite different than what we found.

We walked up to the St. Louis Union Station, and old train station that had been converted into a shopping mall. Coming home, we flew US Airways flight 3574 from St. Louis to Pittsburgh, and then US Airways flight 4558 from Pittsburgh to Binghamton.

Total Miles: 1828 Miles

Total Miles Travelled:
84,067 Miles!

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