Orlando, Florida

Thursday, September 29, 2011 - Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our annual trip to the Wine and Dine Festival at Epcot was coupled with a bit of running this year! Earlier in the year, Jill had registered for the Wine and Dine half marathon but I was to chicken to do it at that point. Registration filled up, THEN I decided I wanted to run (whoops). Lo and behold, Jill found a contest on Facebook for a 'free' registration from Rudy Novotny, the race announcer. We had to put up a picture with a sign on 'The Marathon Show' page on Facebook that said why he should pick me for the free reg, and we won!

Thursday mid-day direct flight took us from Rochester to 'home'. We grabbed some lunch at the Celebration Town Tavern, before heading to property and checking into All-Star Sports. From there, we went to Hollywood Studios and met up with one of Jill's Disneymooner friends from Atlanta, and afterwards the two of us went to the Flying Fish for a great dinner! To bed after that for some much needed sleep.

Friday rolled around, and we were off to the expo to pick up our race 'stuff'! We walked around the expo a while, and finally met (in person) Gemma and Rich Thresher - our longtime 'virtual' friends from the UK! Very cool! (Jill actually saw Rich as she was headed to the bathroom and freaked him out a bit by saying 'hey, I know you'!).

Having our fill of the expo, we headed to see the mouse. The Magic Kingdom was a bit crowded, so after having a good lunch at Columbia Harbour House we split. On our way out (this was pretty freaky) we actually ran into Joe and Nancy Hrehor! He was sitting on a bench as we were leaving! Incredible - Jill had never met them and it had been YEARS since I had seen them too! We stood and talked with them for a bit, then left the park and stopped at the Contemporary so we could grab a yummy cupcake at the Contempo' Cafe!

Total Mileage: Miles

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