Orlando, Florida

Sunday, June 24, 2012 - Friday, June 29, 2012

Our first trip home in a while, and probably the first time we've been there at this time of the year. Usually we avoid 'home' during the summer months, between the heat and the crowds, but this was about the only time we could get Mike there this summer so we bit the bullet and went.

Drove to Westchester County Airport to fly JetBlue direct for this trip, probably the last time we will do that. Any money we may have saved on the flight price was taken up by the exorbitant parking price.

All-Star Sports was our hotel of choice on the trip. A tropical storm parked itself just off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico for the first part of the week, so it's a good thing we packed the rain ponchos. Couple that with the fact that Mike was sick, necessitating a trip to a walk in on Tuesday morning, and the first few days of our vacation were a bit 'long'.

On Tuesday night we went to Ohana for dinner, and were even able to catch the end of Wishes when we sat down. Wednesday night we ventured to the Celebration Town Tavern to have dinner with Paul and Della. We also at at the Sci-Fi Drive In on Thursday for lunch. Otherwise, we spent the trip hitting up our favorite rides, doing our best to beat the crowds.

Flew back on Friday, stopping at Dave and Busters in the Palisades Center Mall for dinner before making the rest of the drive back to Binghamton.

Trip Notes:

We flew JetBlue Flight 595; depart Westchester County 6:40PM, arrive Orlando 9:19PM; sat in seats 19B, 19C, 19D

We flew JetBlue Flight 596; depart Orlando 5:10PM, arrive Westchester County 8:00PM; sat in seats 17B, 17C, 17D