Orlando, Florida

Thursday, January 25, 2007 - Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This trip was a 'reset' for Jill and I, after the hectic nature of our last trip to Disney. We wanted to go 'back home' with just the two of us and get back on track as far our Disney touring goes.

Thursday Night

We decided to start our honeymoon an evening earlier after looking at the weather forecast. They had been calling for varying accumulations of snow in the Syracuse area, so instead of taking our chances we left a little early. Our other 'option' would have been to leave early on Friday morning, but we really didn't want to take our chances. All things being equal, we made the right choice. Route 81 was snow covered and slickery the entire way to Syracuse. Our hotel of choice was the Country Inn and Suites in North Syracuse. As we had compared the Syracuse area hotels, this was one of the best rated hotels near the airport. Our conclusion after staying there? There aren't any good hotels in the Syracuse area, because this one was sub-par at best. The front desk staff was snippy, the room wasn't exactly clean (I found a green bummy bear covered in lint in one of the corners), and the heater made a horrible banging noise which kept waking us up throughout the night. So, even though we saved time by driving up early, we lost sleep time by simple virtue of a noisy heater, it ended up being a wash.


Our flight to Orlando from Syracuse was the direct JetBlue flight. This is by far our most favorite means of 'going home'. Off the ground, and two and a half hours later your in Orlando. Our flight was delayed a bit in taking off because it needed to be de-iced. This put us off the ground about a half hour late, but the pilot made up most of the time on the way down. After arriving in Orlando, we grabbed our luggage and then went and picked out a rental car from Alamo. Our choices were pretty limited, and we ended up with a Chevrolet HHR, not the greatest car in the world, but hey it would get us around property! We left the terminal and stopped at the Target near the Florida Mall to pick up some sunglasses for both of us, as well as some headache medicine. Our timing was such that we arrived at the Grand Floridian just in time for afternoon tea. This would be the first 'new thing' for us to do on this trip. Jill had always wanted to do the afternoon tea at the Garden View Lounge, so I made reservations for us to try it out on this trip. We had some delicious tea, as well as some good finger sandwiches and desserts.

Flight home: JetBlue Flight #660, Depart Orlando 3:05PM from Gate 101, sat in seat 7E. Arrived in Syracuse at 5:55PM

Total Flight Mileage: 2100 Miles
Total Driving Mileage: 147 Miles
Total Trip Miles: 2247

Total Miles Travelled:
84,067 Miles!

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