New York, New York

Monday, October 24, 2011

As they say, third times the charm, right? Seems kind of fitting in light of our third trip to the Big Apple in the last couple of weeks. This time, we were back at HSS for an MRI of Jill's foot to hopefully figure out what was going on with it. Appointment was later in the afternoon, so we left Binghamton mid-day, parked in Harrison, then did the train(s) thing to HSS. Afterwards, we walked up to 82nd Street and had dinner at the new location for Toloache. We had previously had dinner at his location in the 50's. Nice new space, and in fact on this night they had only been open a week! Trains back to the car, and then back to Binghamton after dinner.

Total Mileage: 327 Miles

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