New York, New York

Friday, November 5, 2010

Our first trip to the Big Apple this month took us to HSS for a doc's appointment for Jill. Parked in Harrison, and took the PATH to Subway, eventually arriving on 86th Street (we had some time to kill).

Jill had found a tea shop she wanted to stop at, so we found it on 86th between 1st and 2nd. She bought some Oolong tea, and we headed back for the subway. On our way, we found the 'Papaya King' - the original - so we had to stop and sample something from there! We grabbed a frankfurter, original, with cheese and a mango drink. Thumbs up on the frankfurter, avoid the mango drink in the future - a little to sweet.

Back on the 6 to 68th, did Jill's docs appointment (with Dr. Ashany), and then it was time to grab some lunch/dinner. We hit an old standby for this one, Cilantro. Jill had some yummy chicken enchiladas, with a white sangria, and I had chipotle shrimp and a Corona light.

Trains back to the car, and then onto home afterwards - arrived there around 9:30.

Total Mileage: 327 Miles

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