Morrisville, New York

January 6, 2007

This was a trip to the Center State Stampede tournament in Morrisville. Games were played at the SUNY Morrisville Ice Plex. We were at this facility last year for a select tournament. Besides the drive being a bit hairy in poor weather (blowing snow across winding country roads isn't a good thing), the rink itself is one of the nicer ones that we've travelled to. In the morning, we played against a team from Baltimore, Ontario.

With a few hours worth of break between games, we headed into Cazenovia to have lunch at our favorite Morrisville area restaurant - the Cazenovia Grill. We found this gem last year when we were here for the aformentioned tournament, and when we heard a repeat trip was in the works we knew where we would be having lunch!

In the afternoon, we played against a team from Olean, New York. Instead of staying the night in the Morrisville area, we opted to come back home on Saturday night (mostly because I had to work the next day). On Sunday, Jill and Michael along with Jill's mom headed up for the second day of the tournament.

Total Mileage: 154 Miles

Total Miles Travelled:
84,067 Miles!

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