Day One
Binghamton to New York

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We left the house around noon, heading for the city but stopping in Gibson for gas and along the Carbondale Highway for lunch at La Tonalteca. After lunch, we continued on into New York. Most of the leaves on the trees had passed their peak, so it leant to a drab palette for the drive. Making up our own directions along the way since the Garmin kept trying to take us through Manhattan to get to JFK – we, instead, took the GWB, Major Deegan, Grand Central Parkway (the Triboro Bridge was in there somewhere too), and then to the Van Wyck Expressway, we finally arrived at the long term parking lot for JFK. A short Air Train ride later, we found ourselves in terminal 2/3, Delta’s main terminal at JFK, and our airline of choice for this trip.

Check in was a breeze, and both of our checked bags were free because it was an international flight – bonus! Going through security went quickly as well, and we found we had some time to waste after everything was said and done. Jill had done some research on the internet before we left, and found that most of the WiFi at JFK would cost, however there was one spot in the terminal we were win where you could piggyback onto the free WiFi that was offered in the Delta Lounge. Against the adjacent wall, by gate 12, we were able to hook in no problem!

After getting our fix of the internet (for the next week or so!), we set out to find some dinner. We settled on The Stone Rose Bar. I had brisket sliders and chips, and Jill had a caprese flatbread sandwich. I had a Corona with my meal, and Jill had water with hers.

After eating, we found a spot where the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers baseball game was on and sat there for a bit before heading to our gate. This Delta plane had a 2-3-2 seating configuration, so Jill and I had our own little row to ourselves! Bonus! Across the aisle from us was a cute Irish family, with two small children complete with red curley hair! Well, they were cute at first, till both of the kids started to fuss at different points in the flight, then they just amounted to no different than any other family with small kids that we have dealt with before.

We both got meals on this flight as well! You certainly don’t see that anymore, in coach, on domestic flights! Jill had a low fat chicken and rice dish, along with a fruit salad, and I had the same chicken and rice, but mine had a cream sauce over it and it came with a regular salad. The rest of the flight proved to be uneventful, with both of us trying unsuccessfully to catch some sleep.

Total Miles Travelled:
187,788 Miles!

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