Cicero, New York

January 20, 2007

A day trip to the Syracuse area to watch the Squirt "B" Sens play a team from Webster, New York. It had been snowing along the I-81 corrior the night before, so we knew the trip north might end up being a little slower than usual. We hit some blowing snow between Whitney Point and Marathon, as well as the flat stretch through the Tully area, but otherwise the drive was okay.

We left early enough so that we could stop at the Plainville Farms Restaurant, which was along the same road as the rink. They had a good buffet and salad bar, very remeniscent of Thanksgiving! A definite keeper in the travel eating journal!

The game was played at the Cicero Twin Rinks, a newer looking facility set off the main road. Michael started the game, and played through to the middle of the second period. Binghamton won the game, with the final score being 8-3.

Total Mileage: 168 Miles

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