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Buffalo, New York

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 - Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wow! As generic and mundane as this trip may have sounded on the surface, it was far from it by the time all was said and done! Jill was scheduled to do a workshop for the AAPC at the Erie County Medical Center. Since I had the day(s) off, I decided to tag along. I always like to hear her speak, and it had been a bit since I was able to. As the trip approached, however, and we watched the weather change drastically, we knew this wasn't going to just be an 'up and back' trip.

We left after Jill got out of work on Tuesday, stopping at the Red Lobster in Elmira for dinner. On and off throughout the day, it had been raining and sleeting in Binghamton, so we anticipated that the weather would be just as bad if not worse in Western New York. We were right. Following the Garmin's directions, we drove 17 to 390, with the roads becoming increasingly worse the further west we went. Getting off 390 and onto Route 36 didn't change our driving fortunes any, as many of the back country roads the Garmin took us on weren't salted or plowed at this point. We arrived at the Hampton Inn near the Walden Galleria some 45 minutes beyond our original 'ETA'....only to find that there was a power outage in the area that included our hotel! Oye! No lights, no heat, no nothing! Shrug...just our travel luck ya know? About 45 minutes after we got to the hotel, the power was finally restored.

We woke up on Wednesday to find snow had fallen on top of the freezing rain the night before. Over to the Erie County Medical Center where Jill gave a four hour workshop on teaching/explaining E/M coding to physicians for coders. When we arrived at the room, we found that there had been a minor flood during the night and there were workmen everywhere working as fast as they could to restore the flooded parts of the room. Oye! Again!

Jill made it through her workshop with flying colors. Afterwards, we went back to the Walden Galleria to grab some lunch - The Melting Pot! Yum!! Then it was time to trek back to Binghamton. The drive home, with clear roads, was much better than our drive up!

Total Miles: 433 Miles

Total Miles Travelled:
127,568 Miles!

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