Fraser Field – Lynn, Massachusetts

General Impression: This was a spontaneous trip for us; looking for something to do on a Tuesday night in New England we made the drive to Lynn from Woburn and, as we have done in the past (see our Dayton page on the Arenas/Stadiums site) we were pleasantly surprised by this ballpark.  Now, part of the reason we liked it so much may have had a lot to do with the fact that the GM of the team – a one Bill Terlecky – was once and for quite a while the GM of the Binghamton Mets.  Because of this, a lot of what went on inside of the stadium was very much like home to us!  One main concourse sits atop the seating bowl, with a concrete roof protecting part of said seating bowl.  There is also a large area behind the seating bowl devoted to kids games and such, as well as a building that houses the souvenir stand and bathrooms.  Good crowd on hand the night we went to the game, and most in attendance were there to watch baseball, which is always good in our book!  (instead of those ballparks where people are there for anything but).

Food and Libations: The usual ballpark stuff, hot dogs, candy, popcorn, soda, as well as a grill area that was outside of the main concourse near the kids stuff.  One beer stand had the old mainstays as well as PBR in cans (bonus!).

Parkings: It was free and a large lot on the other side of the right field wall was more than enough for the good crowd.  Even if the game was a sellout, there was enough parking options outside of the main lot to accomodate everyone.

Programs/Scorecards: Pretty sure they were a buck as you entered the ballpark.

Complaints/Gripes: Not any really.  Tickets were $6.00 to get in, which are the high end of collegiate wood bat league ball, but they are trying to build a cash base and fan base here all at the same time so I’d be willing to bet it’s quite a juggling act to find the right mix of ticket price versus affordability.  Beyond that, this is a really nice ballpark to watch a game on a lazy summer night.

Yes/No/Maybe: Although this is a bit removed from the beaten path for us as far as ballparks go, we’d go back in a heartbeat if the schedule worked out.  With Bill Terlecky at the helm, a return trip will always be possible as well.

Pictures: Pictures on Tim and Jill’s Arenas and Stadium’s Website

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