Lake Elsinore Diamond – Lake Elsinore, California

General Impression: It seems the stadiums we didn’t expect to see are the ones we ended up liking the most (see the Dayton Dragons game from a couple years back).  The Lake Elsinore Storm and their home at the Diamond proved to be one of those venues.  While it wasn’t entirely on a whim, it was certainly a side trip when we went to SoCal late in the 2012 season and one worthy of the drive for sure!  A single seating bowl with the concourse at the top of the seats greets fans as they walk through the main entrance.  On this night it was clear the stadium was pitched just right so that the blazing California sun didn’t have an impact on the patrons at the game.  Concessions ran along the main concourse, looking out onto the field of play.  Also, at the end of the third base line a restaurant/bar greeted fans looking for something a bit different.  The stadium did not offer a wrap around concourse, but all told it didn’t feel like it needed one.  Not a bad seat in the house, with wide aisles and comfortable fold down/chair back seats throughout.

Food and Libations: One main concession stand was present on each baseline with the usual ballpark fare.  The third base stand featured different hot dogs from across the county, so I made sure to grab up a Chicago dog!  Being that I was running a half marathon the next day we skipped the libations part of the ballgame experience on this night.

Parking: One huge lot across the street from the ballpark, $5.00 to park.

Programs/Scorecards: Handed to us for free when we walked in!

Complaints/Gripes: None.  No, really, none.  Great venue, friendly staff, good fans – more ballparks should be like this (and less like a carnival).

Yes/No/Maybe: Yep, for sure, if we ever found ourselves in this part of the world and the Storm were home.

Pictures: Pictures on Tim and Jill’s Arenas and Stadiums

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