NewBridge Bank Park – Greensboro, North Carolina

General Impression: Nice, serviceable ballpark with wide concourses.  Good sightlines, cool view of downtown Greensboro.  There was a dog that would bring the umpires baseballs and water, and occasionally pick up a bat for the teams.  And, by far, the most annoying on field personality we’ve ever seen anywhere.  There is no need, no need, to scream and yell into a microphone when doing the on field and in the stands stuff – period.  What could potentially be a good atmosphere for baseball is all but ruined with this guy.  And, if he was whipping the fans up into a frenzy that would be one thing, but it seemed as though most just ignored his antics.

Food and Libations: Usual stuff, decent beer selection.  One stand had different hot dogs from across the baseball landscape which was pretty cool, but beyond that nothing out of the ordinary here for us.

Parking: We parked in the $4.00 lot at the stadium, and there were others around the stadium that charged 4 and 5.00.

Programs/Scorecards: Free, handed to us when we walked in.

Complaints/Gripes: See above.

Yes/No/Maybe: No, not until the on field loudmouth is gone.  There are to many other baseball options in this part of the world to have to sit through all that yelling again.

Pictures: Pictures on Tim and Jill’s Arenas and Stadium’s

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