LewisGale Field – Salem, Virginia

General Impression: Having walked and driven by this stadium a couple of times in the past we were really looking forward to finally seeing a game there.  And, we certainly weren’t disappointed!  The seating area seems to sit ‘high’ above the field, and in some ways it does, but even from the top corner the sightlines are fine.  There is a great view of the surrounding hills and mountains in the distance from up there too!  One other thing we noticed – and appreciated – although there were some on field promotions and such, neither those announcers or the game announcer were over the top.  Sometimes, to many times, announcers at the games think they need to yell and scream at the top of their lungs to make an impression – this isn’t (thankfully) the case in Salem.  Also, the other thing we noticed – these folks were here to watch a baseball game.  “Yes, Tim, what else would they be there for?”  To answer that question do this – next time you go to a minor league baseball game, sit back and take in the crowd around you.  More times than not, barely anyone is actually paying attention to the game.  I’d be willing to bet the fact that affiliated baseball has been played in Salem for 60 plus years has a lot to do with the fact that folks go to the baseball game to watch baseball.

Food and Libations: One stand behind home plate serves up the usual ballpark fare, with a pizza stand down the third base line and chicken stand down the first base line.  Each stand sold beer, as did a couple of portable carts behind homeplate as well.  To note: not sure if this is every night but the night we went to the game the concession stands started to close down around the middle of the game.  If you’re gonna eat I wouldn’t wait.  We were actually going to grab ‘dinner’ at one stand only to find it closed – in the fifth inning.

Parking: Free!  Right outside the main gate is a large parking lot.

Program/Scorecards: Free!  Handed to us as we walked into the game.  I actually got a lineup sheet from one of the ushers.  Not sure if that’s the norm or if he was just being nice.

Complaints/Gripes: The concession stands closing ‘early’ would be my only complaint.  With a game that started at 6:30 to close the stands around 8/8:30 was just foreign to us.

Yes/No/Maybe: Yeah we’d go back, without a doubt.  Great setting, nice atmosphere.  Only problem for us is that it is a 7 hour drive south (straight down 81), so unless something puts us back in the area we may not see this place again.  But, if we happened to be there and they were home we’d go back for sure.

Pictures: Pictures on Tim and Jill’s Arenas and Stadium’s Website

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