LeLacheur Park – Lowell, Massachusetts

General Impression: The Lowell Spinners have been one of minor league baseball’s most successful franchises, with a ridiculous number of sellouts since they first started playing.  They are doing something right here, and the fans keep coming back game after game.  That being said (I wanted to preface my thoughts with those facts) we won’t be back here for a game.  The stadium felt cramped to us, more than likely because it was full (again, kudos to Lowell for making this happen game in and game out).  Then entire seating bowl has a metal frame and the Spinners take advantage of that encouraging their fans to stomp their feet at certain parts of the game.  Makes for a very loud, noisy atmosphere.  Unfortunately, the only time the fans really made any noise was when the scoreboards told them to – very conditioned, or maybe they just weren’t paying that close of attention to the game itself to actually cheer when it would be appropriate.  Anyways, as for layout, there is one entrance with a staircase that leads up to the concourse.  The concourse is open, at the top of the seating area.  Concourse runs from foul pole to foul pole (no walkaround ballpark here), with two main concession stands, one on each baseline.  There are multiple carts on the concourse as well where you can buy food and drinks as well.  As Jill said when we sat down, this place feels a lot like Hudson Valley (another park we won’t return to); both teams seem to have it figured out, and both teams have an atmosphere that doesn’t interest us (but, clearly, we’re in the minority on this one).

Food and Libations: The usual, with some added stuff.  There was a funnel cake cart on the first base side, and on the third base side a grill cart with hot dogs, sausage, and other grilled meats on buns.  The beer was Sam Adams, along with Miller Lite and Corona.  No ‘gansette here, but I don’t remember seeing Budweiser either.

Parking: There is a parking ramp adjacent to the ballpark and it’s $5.00 to park there.  We passed a couple of other lots on the way in as well, with $5.00 being the going rate there as well.

Programs/Scorecards: They sell ’em for $1.00 and beyond ads there are lineup sheets in them as well, and articles/features about the team.  I’d rather they were free, but for the info they give you a dollar isn’t bad.

Complaints/Gripes: No cover from the elements.  Cramped/crowded.  Metal ‘flooring’ throughout the seating bowl that fans love to stomp their feet on.  I’ll say it again, looking at their attendance numbers Lowell is doing it right and doing it well at the gate, this just isn’t an atmosphere we personally like to watch baseball in.

Yes/No/Maybe: Nope, this was our one and only trip to LeLacheur Park.

Pictures: Pictures on Tim and Jill’s Arenas and Stadiums Website

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