Dunn Field – Elmira, New York

General Impression: A classic looking ballpark from the outside and on the inside as well, the main seating bowl is reminiscent of the ballpark in Reading.  Seating is mostly above a small walkway that runs the length of the seating bowl, with ‘box seats’, about four rows of them, below the walkway and the rest of the seating above.  A walkway runs the length of the stadium at the top of the seating as well.  The biggest issue isn’t with the stadium itself, but the cost to see a game.  At $7.00 a seat, this has to be one of the highest in all of the PGCBL, and rivals some affiliated ballparks.  Considering we had just watched a game two days prior in Little Falls, and did so for $3.00 a ticket, you could see why the charge in Elmira may have seemed a bit steep for us.

Food and Libations: Two concession stands, with the usual stuff, are present at Dunn Field.  One on the main concourse, and a second at the top of the seating bowl.  There is a stand for beer adjacent to the main concession stand, as well as a ‘beer garden’ at the end of the seating bowl on the first base side (although it wasn’t open on our trip there this season).

Parking: There is parking available just outside the stadiums main entrance in a large field and its free.  There were just over 2,000 fans at the game we went to, and the field area was filling up with cars.  If they had a larger crowd parking may have been ‘interesting’, with the city streets around the field serving as areas for fans to park.

Programs/Scorecards: We paid $2.00 for the program when we got into the park, and it wasn’t worth the money.  The entire program, with the exception of a couple of pages, was ads and nothing but ads.  There were pictures of the players from Elmira in the program as well, but there wasn’t even an insert with that nights lineup of both teams.  Point being, what did we spend $2.00 for?  I could care less about the ads, there were no contests tied to the program (lucky number), and there was essentially no information or articles in the book – waste of money.

Complaints/Gripes: Pretty sure I made my problems with Dunn Field apparent above.  The charge for the program was ridiculous, and $7.00 is a bit steep for this level of baseball.  It had been a few years since our last trip to Dunn Field, and it’s clear that the team is under new management – which is a good thing, because they were definitely swirling the drain on our last trip.  That being said, it’s clear there is still some ‘tweaking’ to be done.

Yes/No/Maybe: We’ll call this one a weak ‘maybe’.  If no other options exist and we really want to watch baseball, we might make the drive.

Pictures: Photos on Tim and Jill’s Arenas and Stadiums Website

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