Clipper Magazine Stadium – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

General Impression: The Clip is a very similar stadium to the ‘stormers rivals right down the road in York, or should I say that the other way around as the ballpark in Lancaster opened before the one in York. This one features a walkaroud ‘concourse’ if you will, although the path is a bit narrow in a couple of spots as you make your way 360. One unique features is the bumper boats just over the wall in right field – have to say I’ve never seen this before! Along with that, there is a full out playground/romp area for kids down the left field line as well. A large, covered picnic area sits atop the right field wall and offers great views of the game. One large concession stand down each baseline serves the masses, although both are big enough that it doesn’t feel crowded. With the consistently high attendance, clearly Lancaster is doing it right in the independent baseball world.

Food and Libations: As previously mentioned, two large concession stands serve the fans at Clipper Magazine, one on each baseline. Pretty much no frills in the food choice catagory, although there is a ‘carvery’ for sandwiches if you are looking for something a bit off of the ‘regular ballpark fare’ menu. Beers are what you would expect to find as well, with Bud, Miller, and Yuengling products on tap.

Parking: There’s lots of it in parking areas that surround the stadium, and the best part about it? It’s FREE!

Programs/Scorecards: The program was handed to us for free when we walked in, and the lineup sheet was on a table near the entrance as well. Both of them? FREE! (just the way they should be!)

Complaints/Gripes: I got nothing, really. There were over 6,000 in attendance during our latest trip here, and it didn’t seem overly crowded. Stay away from the left field kids stuff and adjoining grassy berm (where all the parents were hangin’ out) and you’ll do just fine. This is a nice ballpark, and again judging by the crowds that flock to see the Barnstormers play, these guys are doin’ it right in the independent baseball world.

Yes/No/Maybe: This gets a yes, even though it’s a bit off the beaten path for us to get to. We may not go out of our way, but as the latest trip here is a testament to – if we are in the area and they’re home, we’ll be there.

Pictures: Pictures on Tim and Jill’s Arenas and Stadiums Website

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