Peoples Natural Gas Field – Altoona, Pennsylvania

General Impression: One of the nicest minor league parks we’ve ever been to, and probably the best in AA (again, from those we’ve seen in person). Our third attempt at seeing at game here is the one that finally took, as the Curve weren’t home on two previous passes through Altoona. The stadium is a double decker, something you don’t usually see in AA ball. A main concourse, that looks onto the field, runs behind the lower level of seating. Upstairs, another enclosed concourse leads to the upper deck of seating. It’s not a ‘walkaround’ concourse – a feature I’m very much in favor of – but I’ll give them a break here in Altoona. The one thing that prevents it from being a circumferential concourse is the roller coaster in right field – a unique touch that adds to the character of the place.

Food and Libations: The usual here, save for a couple of differences. One was the large beer – domestic, imported, and craft – down the third base line. Lots of taps, so if you can’t find a beer you like here you’re probably just a beer snob. The other was the ‘curverogi’ – a concoction that put ham, pierogie, onions, and cheese between two pieces of white bread. I had one, and I have to say – it was pretty good!

Parking: An adjoining parking ramp is available for the general public, and at $2.00 it’s reasonably priced.

Programs/Scorecards: Another team that gets it and gets it right – free when you walk in. (I still don’t understand, nor approve of, teams that sell advertising to put in a book, and then charge more for said book. More and more teams are going to the ‘free’ option, just wish they all would).

Complaints/Gripes: None really. If you don’t like ballparks with lots of mascots and stuff to distract the kids, then this probably isn’t the place for you. A large play area and arcade are present down the right field line, and it’s clear the Curve cater to the younger (kid) crowd. Ya know what though? Get the kids hooked, and they’ll bring their parents. And what parent wouldn’t want or need a libation or two when trying to survive at the ballpark with their little one? The Curve are doing it right, and doing it well, and surviving in the smallest market in the Eastern League. Good on ya!

Yes/No/Maybe: We would go back for sure. Off the beaten path for us, so we may not go out of the way to get there, but if we happened to be ‘that way’ and the Curve were home, we’d hit up another game.

Pictures: Pictures on Tim and Jills Arenas and Stadiums

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