Blue Cross Arena – Rochester, New York

General Impression: Okay, so, let me get one thing out of the way before I go any further. Growing up, I was a huge Binghamton hockey fan. Our number one rival? The team that we loved to hate? The team that ALWAYS seemed to have our number? Yeah, the Rochester Americans. There it is, I’ve laid it out – so if my opinion seems a bit jaded, that’s the basis for it. A few years back, the Blue Cross Arena got a face lift. Problem is, that’s all it seemed to get, a face lift. The entryway is spacious and nice, but the concourses (hallways?) that run the length of either side of the arena are small and cramped, especially when the Roch-cha-cha fans come out in droves to see their teams play. There is one spot down each concourse where it ‘juts out’ and an open area with concessions on both sides is present, but it does little to unclog the congestion leading up to it. Even the seats seem close together, with little leg room even for the shortest of us. Overall, the place just seems cramped. I would have thought after spending however much they spent to gussy the place up, this claustrophobia would have been addressed just a little.

Food and Libations: The usual, hot dogs, pretzels, soda and beer. Nothing here (at least not on the night we were there) to make it stand out food or drink wise. Hit up the Dino over the bridge before or after if you’re looking for a culinary treat – you won’t find it at the Blue Cross.

Parking: A large lot sits adjacent to the arena, and has been there for, well, a long time. When I went to college in Rochester in ’88 this is where I used to park. Our latest trip we stayed close by, so we didn’t need to park for the game. Beyond the surface lot behind the arena, the lots and parking ramps around the Blue Cross are plentiful in the middle of downtown Rochester.

Programs/Scorecards: The Knighthawks had them in wire racks at multiple points as you came in the large entry way – no charge. (bonus!)

Complaints/Gripes: I think I pretty much aired these out in my first section, save one. Please, if you are going to sell cotton candy in the stands, don’t do it by walking up and down the stairs carrying a LARGE cardboard holder. Innevitably, as we found on this night, one kid will stop you, then another, then another, and on and on. In the meantime, everyone above you can’t see the action on the ice/field. Thumbs down on this Knighthawks, thumbs down.

Yes/No/Maybe: This is my first ‘maybe’ in a long time. We would really like to go to the RIT game at the Blue Cross, held once every season, but beyond that there isn’t much here that we would go out of our way to go back to.

Pictures: Pictures on Tim and Jill’s Travelogue

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