Citi Field – Flushing, New York

General Impression: Shea Stadium had run its course, especially in the new age of Major League Baseball where everyone expects a flashy stadium with lots of clubs and suites and such. So, in that, Citi Field is a great replacement for Shea. The Mets have gradually tried to make Citi feel ‘Mets’ like and not just a generic ballpark (which is what it looked like in its first season). There are three separate levels, the main concourse being the busiest by far with the most varied food options. Most enter through the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, a great entry point and part of the architecture at Citi. Most would say, with the Rotunda being part of the overall stadium structure, that Citi looks a lot like Ebbets Field – and they would be right. But, what’s wrong with copying a bit of that old classic?

Food and Libations:Lots to choose from here! Usual ballpark fare of course at the main stands, but make your way to the area in center field behind the big scoreboard. Shake Shack, Blue Smoke, and others add a great variety to the usual stuff you would find at the ballpark, and this is an area we always head to pre-game to grab some eats. El Verano Taqueria is top notch with their chicken pipian tacos in my book! A craft beer stand is in this area as well with leaps and bounds more selection than the three drafts available at most stands.

Parking:There’s a large lot adjacent to the stadium – and it will cost you $20.00 to park there. A bit steep, maybe, but somedays its nice to have the car a short walk away. An alternative to driving to the stadium and parking there (and dealing with the traffic jam afterwards) is to, sing it with me now, “take the train to the game”. The 7 train comes from the 42nd Street station in Manhattan – and you can get there from pretty much anywhere in the world – and provides a good alternative as far as transporting yourself to the game.

Programs/Scorecards: For sale by vendors as you walk through the gate in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. (didn’t buy one last game so I’m not sure how much they are now).

Complaints/Gripes: None with the stadium itself really. Seating is all pretty good, food is top notch (for a ballgame). My biggest problem with the ‘stadium’ is the parking lot and the traffic after the game. Hit up McFadden’s for a post game brew and bite and you won’t have to worry about this though. Other biggest complaint – the team on the field of course! But, I’m a Mets fan since birth – I’ve earned the right to complain about the team.

Yes/No/Maybe:Without a doubt.

Pictures: Pictures on Tim and Jill’s Travelogue

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