Carrier Dome – Syracuse, New York

General Impression: With as harsh as the winters can be in Upstate New York, the ‘Dome’ is a welcome venue for us.  Great atmosphere for the basketball games we’ve been to over the years, as well as the football game we went to this past weekend.  Two concourses service both the upper and lower decks, with fans being able to walk all the way around on either concourse.  For football, really not a bad seat in the house as far as sightlines go.  The upper deck for basketball is ‘upper’, but you’re still able to see the game below (and again, the atmosphere just helps get you swept up in all of it no matter where you’re sitting).

Food and Libations: The usual sporting venue fare here, dogs, popcorn, nachos, sodas.  Beer is the usual suspects as well, and being this close to the Canadian border Labatt’s products are available as well – always a plus in our book!

Parking: So, yikes!  A bit on the pricey side here.  We’ve paid $10.00 for a lacrosse game, and $20.00 for both football and basketball at the ramps surrounding the campus and dome.  Not sure how much to park at Manley and shuttle to the Dome, mostly because that isn’t our thing and I’d rather pay the extra to not have to ‘shuttle’.

Programs/Scorecards: Paid $5.00 for the one at the football game, not sure how much for the other sports at this point.  The program at the football game included a coupon book for local eateries that would save you more than the $5.00 you paid for the program.

Complaints/Gripes: Minor, if any.  The upper deck are metal benches, no backs, so if you’re used to leaning on something sit downstairs, or rent/purchase a stadium seat.  In spite of its age, the Dome is well cared for, clean, and a no frills venue – which is just fine by us.

Yes/No/Maybe: This one is a yes, for sure.  Closest Division 1 venue to us (unless you count BU, but last I checked their basketball team wasn’t playing the Big East teams Syracuse does), this will always be on the radar for us.

Pictures: Pictures on Tim and Jill’s Travelogue

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