Metro Bank Park – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

General Impression: So, the ballpark on City Island went through a massive overhaul over the past couple of years.  Previous, only going by pictures and other descriptions I’ve seen, it wasn’t a place we would have gone out of our way to go to a game at.  Now, though, it’s quickly become somewhere we would go back to.  Number one on my favorite things about this stadium list – a wrap around concourse.  Any ballpark that creates or has a 360 degree concourse is tops in my book.  Luckily, it seems to be the trend nowadays.  This always lends an area with a different and unique view, and also (in minor league parks) feels more ‘open aired’, so if sitting in the seating bowl is cramped or stuffy, just take a walk around.  As for the rest of MetroBank Park, the seats were comfortable, good sight lines, concessions throughout with good selections (kind of – see below).  A ‘keeper’ in our book.

Food and Libations: There are numerous stands throughout the ballpark, with the usual ballpark fare of hot dogs and popcorn being offered, as well as one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had at a ballpark, purchased from ‘The Spot’ in the left field corner.  Troegs has a beer stand in left center field, and is sold at stands throughout the park.  There was even a guy pushing a cart around and making ice cream sundaes!  Between permanent stands and portable ones, you won’t go hungry here!

Parking: It’s $3.00 to park on City Island, with three lots and a parking ramp adjacent to the ballpark.

Programs/Scorecards: $2.00, get ’em as you walk through the gate.

Complaints/Gripes: Couple things the Senators can improve on, one big thing they can’t.  Start with what they can.  Day before the game, I received an e-mail about our upcoming visit to Metro Bank Park, similar to ones MLB teams have been sending out.  Here’s the problem – it’s our first time to the park, there is a link that says ‘Parking Information’, but when you click on it all that comes up is a map to the stadium.  Nothing about cost, or number of spaces, or alternatives if the ballpark lots are full.  Good idea in theory, poor result in execution.  Another pretty simple fix, have enough food.  Most ballparks assume that everyone that comes to their games will eat the ‘usual’ fare (hot dogs, deep fried crap, unhealthy stuff), so when we find a park where that isn’t the case – bonus!  Almost bonus in Harrisburg that is.  In about the third inning, we went to a stand that touted a pulled chicken sandwich (healthier than many of the other ballpark offerings – bonus!). When we got there, we found that they were in fact out of the chicken.  In the third inning.  Big thumbs down Senators – no excuse whatsoever for being out of anything at a game, let alone in the third inning.  The last item, and there isn’t anything they can do about this I would imagine – the ‘river bugs’.  You know, those white bugs that like to fly around near the stadium lights and then start dropping down on the fans below?  Yeah, they show up, we’re outta there.  It happens at home in Binghamton, we leave, same holds true anywhere else.  Considering the ballpark is in the middle of the river on an island, there probably isn’t anything they can do about this one.

Yes/No/Maybe: In all, we had a good time at Metro Bank Park and liked the facility very much.  Complaints aside, we’d go back again for a game for sure.

Pictures: Pictures of Metro Bank Park on Tim and Jill’s Arenas and Stadiums

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