U.S. Cellular Field – Chicago, Illinois

General Impression: So, we read a lot about how ‘bad’ this park was before we came to it.  Don’t wander around in the neighborhood (it could be dangerous).  Don’t sit upstairs (it’s to far up).  Don’t try and park here (it’s to expensive).  Arriving here, though, we found that the old adage of making up your own mind and opinions is best, because to us there really isn’t anything wrong with this park.  Yes, it is big, and in that the upper deck is UPPER, but we choose to spend the money and sit in the lower deck when we go to MLB games, so it doesn’t make a difference to us.  The main concourse is a wrap around concourse, which is always thumbs up in my book!  Although it seemed a bit crowded (on the concourse) the night we were there, that probably had a lot to do with the fact that the place was literally packed to the rafters because it was a half price ticket night, and they were playing AL Central rivals, the Detroit Tigers.  Sight lines were good from our seats, and all of the other areas of the main deck we viewed the field from.  All in all, I would say heed the ‘warnings’, but in the end make up your own mind on whether this is a place to visit once, or multiple times.

Food and Libations: Numerous food stands along the outer wall on the main concourse, coupled with food kiosks/carts along the field side of the same make the eating options plentiful here.  Add on top of that the variety of beer sold, and the stadium makes up for what the surrounding ‘neighborhood’ lacks in food options.  Hot dogs and polish sausages, a full scale burrito stand (which had the longest line throughout our time at the game), pizza, popcorn (the Chicago mix – cheese and caramel – yum!), and ice cream make up quite a variety for the White Sox faithful!

Parking: We’ve become proponents of ‘if there’s public transportation to a game, take it’.  Just like Citi and Wrigley, the best option for getting to U.S. Cellular Field is the “L” red line.  Drops you off literally half a (well lit) block from the stadium, and even after parking in a satellite lot (for us, Rosemont), paying for parking there and the train fare, you’ll still pay less than driving to the game.  Not to mention, who wants to sit in the traffic trying to get out afterwards?  No thanks, we’ll use mass transit.

Programs/Scorecards: $4.00 gets you a magazine (with lineup insert) about half the size of the Sears Christmas Wish Book – well worth the bucks.

Complaints/Gripes: Even with afformentioned complaints seen elsewhere, I wouldn’t concur only because we avoided them.  One complaint does exist for us though – to many vendors up and down the aisle, and no crowd control during play.  Very annoying to try and watch a game when there are constantly people in front of you.  Realizing the number of vendors in the crowd probably cuts down on the fan traffic, but it’s all very distracting none the less.

Yes/No/Maybe: Yeah, we’d go back.  This park exceeded our expectations, and remains on the list of places we would return to.

Pictures: Pictures of U.S. Cellular Field on Tim and Jill’s Travelogue

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