Wrigley Field – Chicago, Illinois

General Impression: Classic.  In one word, that best describes Wrigley Field.  From the green seats, to the bleachers, to (of course) the ivy, this ballpark exudes all that is good and ‘classic’ about baseball.  The main concourse runs beneath the lower deck, from foul pole to foul pole.  Two ramps lead from the main concourse to the upper deck.  Upstairs, there is a deck area which actually looks out on Addison and the main gate.  There is a great view from here of downtown Chicago as well.  In all, this ballpark is much different than any other, and that’s a good thing.  Where the ‘new’ ballparks are flashy, full of amenities, an overload of scoreboards and adboards, and a whole lot more going on besides the ballgame on the field, Wrigley is still all about the game.  Minimal ads in the outfield, minimal scoreboards beyond the large one in center field, minimal distractions – the way the game once was, and still is on the North Side.

Food and Libations: Old Style Beer.  This is where you can get it, and you should.  Budweiser is in abundance here as well, but you can get that anywhere as opposed to Old Style.  There were a couple of other stands selling different brands of beer such as Labatt’s and Heineken.  As far as food goes, usual (Chicago) ballpark fare is found here.  Variations of craft hot dogs, including a Chicago dog (of course) are available at most stands.  Polish sausage.  Chicken tenders.  Pizza.  Nachos and peanuts as well.

Parking: Don’t even think about it.  After doing a bit of internet research before our first trip here, I decided to use the “L” to get there.  There are apparently some places to park near Wrigley, but you’ll probably pay a pretty penny for a spot.  Instead, park somewhere else, near a CTA station, and take the Red Line to Addison.  (just make sure you find something to do for a while after the game in Wrigleyville, because the line is HUGE right after the last out).

Programs/Scorecards: $2.00 for sale just inside the main gate.

Complaints/Gripes: Come on, really?  None.  Maybe if we had the opportunity to call this park home I might have some, but one game a year here is just heaven for the purity of the venue, so any misgivings this place ‘might’ have, well, we can look the other way.

Yes/No/Maybe: Yes, definitely, every chance we have.

Pictures: Wrigley Field on Tim and Jill’s Travelogue

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