MCU Park – Brooklyn, New York

General Impression: If we lived in Brooklyn, or New York City for that matter, this would without a doubt be our ‘home’ park. Situated on Surf Ave, adjacent to the world famous Coney Island attractions and boardwalk, this little gem of a park enhances the overall ‘experience’ this area has to offer. There has never been a time when we’ve been here where the place wasn’t packed from field to concourse, only proving the folks in Brooklyn are doing it right! One concourse stretches from the outfield bleachers to the left field foul pole, and at points it tends to get a bit crowded, but, hey, this is Brooklyn, isn’t it always crowded? Two entrances guide fans into the stadium – the main entrance on Surf, where a majority of the fans file in and up a staircase to the concourse above, and a second entrance out by the path to the boardwalk which leads first to the bleacher area, and then up the beginning of the concourse in right field.

Food and Libations: There are three main areas for concessions in the stadium – one stand on both the first and third base sides, and two behind home plate. There is also a grill stand on the first base side, and a kosher and sushi stand behind home plate as well. The main stands sell the usual ballpark fare, with (of course) Nathan’s hot dogs more than likely being the top seller! Beers include the cadre of Budweiser products, but surprisingly I haven’t found any Brooklyn Lager in our trips there (but I may not have been looking hard enough).

Parking: A large lot sits adjacent to MCU Park, with ‘varying’ prices for parking apparently. The Cyclones website lists $5.00 as the parking price, but on our last trip to MCU we were actually charged $10.00. This may have been because we arrived ‘earlier’ for the game, and the ‘ballpark’ price may not have kicked in until closer to gametime. In any case, $5.00 is comparable to many other parks, $10.00 is a bit steep, but this is New York I guess.

Program/Scorecards: The programs are given to fans for free on their way into the ballpark. Lineup sheets are available as well – I’ve seen them in both the gift shop and ‘customer service table’ along the concourse.

Complaints/Gripes: Other than the ‘varying’ cost of parking, none. This is a very comfortable place to watch a ballgame, with the breeze from the ocean coming through and the screams from the thrill rides down the street emanating. It can be crowded, but if you go here expecting that you’ll do just fine.

Yes/No/Maybe Yep, definately. Although it is about a three hour drive from ‘home’, it’s worth the day trip.

Pictures: MCU Park on Tim and Jills Travelogue

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