Coolray Field – Lawrenceville, Georgia

General Impression: At first glance, as you pull into the parking lot, the ‘main gate’ architechture kind of hits you, and you think ‘wow, what a different design’.  Inside, the stadium is of the ‘wrap around’ variety, a more modern feature of many of the parks built ‘lately’, and one I definately like.  Blue seats are present from foul pole to foul pole, a string of picnic tables along the left field ‘wall’, and a large grass berm (complete with bouncy houses to keep the kids occupied) extends from the batters eye to right field foul pole.  All in all, there doesn’t seem to be a bad seat in the house, the concourse appeared wide enough (although it was a smaller crowd the night I was there), and Coolray was kept up well.

Food and Libations: Two stands down each line, with an open concourse so you could watch the game while you stood in line.  Coolray probably has one of the widest selections of food options of all the minor league ballparks we’ve been to, centered around (of course) variations of hot dogs.  The usual suspects as far as beer goes at the stands as well (Bud and Miller Lite products), but I don’t remember seeing any speciatly or craft beer stands.  One place I didn’t venture into was ‘Niekro’s’, along the main concourse next to the team store.

Parking: There are plenty of parking spaces surrounding three sides of the ballpark, going for $5.00 a spot.

Programs/Scorecards: Programs were available for free on tables as you enter the stadium.  As for a lineup card/scorecard, like the specialty beers, I didn’t see any, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t available somewhere in the ballpark.

Complaints/Gripes: Nothing glaring that I can think of off the top of my head.  Staffers seemed friendly enough, the team store was well stocked, the concession stands were plentiful, quick, and efficient, the prices seemed fair or the ‘going rate’ for minor league baseball these days.

Yes/No/Maybe: I would give Coolray a strong ‘maybe’, leaning towards ‘yes’.  It’s a long way from where we live, but we wouldn’t go out of our way to NOT go back there again if we found ourselves in the neighborhood.

Pictures/Info: Coolray Field on Tim and Jills Arenas and Stadiums.



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