Tim and Jills Arenas and Stadiums goes ‘live’

So, as of October 29th, our stadiums and arenas site has it’s own ‘home’ on the world wide web.  There was a bit of time between my last blog post, announcing it’s ‘creation’ and this one in essence announcing its new home.  Between both blog posts, Jill and I have been from Binghamton to Orlando and back, and then Ireland and back as well, so I haven’t had the extra time to put the time necessary into putting the arenas and stadiums site into its own space.  At this point, as well, although the home page, stadiums and arenas index pages, and the youth rinks pages are up, it will be quite a while to transfer info and photos from the travelogue to the arenas and stadiums page, but hopefully in the end it’ll all be worth it!



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