A note about ‘musings’.

When I first developed the arenas and stadiums site, I had thoughts of only putting up pictures we had taken, quick facts about the venue and team, and the games we attended there.  There are a lot of good sites out there that are very good at ‘rating’ stadiums (they can be found on our links page), so I thought I would demit to their experience in that area.  Beyond that, I also couldn’t come up with an adequate ‘rating system’ that wasn’t already in use (and thereby I would just feel like I was plagiarizing them).

However, the more I thought about it, I decided to develop a generic entry of sorts, ‘musings’; an area where I could put random thoughts about the venue in question, and borne out of that was our unique rating system – would we go there again.

All of the opinions on every page under musings are just that – opinions, our opinions.  What’s written there certainly isn’t bible, and we encourage everyone to take into account what we write, as well as what can be found in many other places on the net, and develop their own ideas of what each venue is like.  Some things we may not like about a certain venue may actually be something that another person actually likes about the same venue – it’s all very subjective.  Our thoughts are biased at points (it’s our site, we’re allowed to be), and not always based on the arena or stadium itself, but the fans or city that venue may be in – many times these two factors have as much bearing on our opinion of a venue as the venue itself, both good and bad.



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