Tim & Jills Arenas and Stadiums

With the end of the 2010 baseball season, we hit the nether regions of time between baseball and hockey seasons in our life.  There is about a two week span in which all local sports revolve around high school football (good for one game a weekend), and beyond that most spectator sports come to a grinding halt.  In that period of time, what better way to help it pass by more quickly than developing and launching our third website – Tim & Jills Arenas and Stadiums (.com). 

I had been wanting to break out our sports venues from the regular travelogue for some time now, but up until, well, today, I wasn’t able to find a template that I liked well enough to take on this new project.  As with the regular travelogue, this will be a continuous work in progress, but hopefully will give another avenue to showcase (in greater detail maybe) those sporting places that Jill and I find ourselves at on a regular basis.

This brings the total to three websites in our lives, chronicling our lives so to speak – the travelogue, the arenas and stadiums, as well as ComplyCode.  I guess the extra time I had on my hands between seasons will be well spent keeping up with these labors of love.



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