NYSEG Stadium – Binghamton, New York

General Impression: So, this is our home park, and to remain fully objective in discussing it is pretty much impossible.  It was built in the early 90’s before the advent of the concourse looking out onto the field or the walk-all-the-way-around park, so it’s design is a bit unlike most of the ‘modern’ minor league baseball parks.  That being said, it’s still home, and to sit there and watch a game on a warm summer night with a beer in your hand watching the hot air balloons in the distance floating over the hills of Upstate New York is perfect in my book.

Food and Libations: The “concourse” at NYSEG Stadium is actually beneath the seating, accessed by four stairways from the seating bowl, or the handicapped accessible ramp down the third base line.  There, three concession stands serve up the typical ballpark fare.  You can also find a couple of beer stands, and a popcorn/soda stand in the first base concourse.  Down the first base line, there is another general concession stand, as well as a Lupo’s Spiedi’s  stand adjacent to the home teams bullpen.  Here you can find the local fare, spiedie’s, as well as salt potatoes and drinks.

Parking: A large parking lot can be found over the right field wall, as well as a smaller lot just outside of the left field outfield entrance.  Both lots charge $3.00 for parking.  Depending on when you get to the game, there is on street parking as well near the old train station, but that is taken up by early arrivers and usually gone shortly after the gates open.

Program/Scorecard: You pay for ’em.

Complaints/Gripes: None, really.  As I said above, with this being ‘home’ I can’t really be objective about this ballpark.  I was there the day they broke ground, drove by the site almost everyday while it was being constructed, and have been to countless games over the past 18 seasons as both employee and fan.  It’s the stadium Binghamton will always have, and with the economic times the way they are in this area I doubt it will ever be replaced.  They’ve done a decent job to keep what they have updated, and keep the stadium looking ‘fresh’, and that’s all you can really ask for in the long run.

Yes/No/Maybe: Definitely, as much as we can.

Pictures/Info: NYSEG Stadium on Tim and Jill’s Travelogue.

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