Alliance Bank Stadium – Syracuse, New York

General Impression: Alliance Bank Stadium replaced the venerable MacArthur Stadium in 1996, and again in 1997 (delays caused the opening of the new park to be postponed. Being 13 years old, this ballpark is starting to show its age a bit, with chipped paint and rust seen throughout. The main concourse overlooks the field, and from there you can go down to access the 100 and 200 level seats, and up to access the 300 level seats.

Food and Libations: Two concession stands down each side are complemented by smaller portable stands throughout the concourse, with the usual ballpark fare being sold. On the upside – there’s Labatt Blue Light on tap! Always a plus in our book when you find a ballpark with that on tap, although unless your ‘near’ the Canadian border, you usually won’t find it.

Parking: A large parking lot is adjacent to the stadium, and the team utilizes the lots in the surrounding businesses as well. $4.00 for a spot.

Program/Scorecards: You pay for ’em.

Complaints/Gripes: The scoreboard. It appears as though (all though I can’t say for certain) the scoreboard they use at Alliance Bank Stadium was moved over from the old ballpark. It’s outdated, and it’s technology is arcane, and when the throw a fresh coat of paint on the place, hopefully they’ll upgrade their scoreboard as well. We’ve been to ballparks at all levels that have newer and nicer boards, there’s no reason a AAA club shouldn’t have an adequate one as well.

Yes/No/Maybe: Despite some minor cosmetic and visual imperfections, we like this park very much and it will always be on our list of places to see a game.

Pictures:Alliance Bank Stadium on Tim and Jills Travelogue

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