Stadiums and Arenas

One of the main reasons our website, Tim and Jill’s Travelogue, exists is to keep track of the multitude of stadiums and arenas we have been to. Across the gamut that is the internet, there are many, many quality websites that showcase and describe the modern day sporting venue. While we always take a camera along with us to snap some pics, up until now we really haven’t put our thoughts on these venues down on ‘paper’, or assigned a rating system. Until now that is. In the catagories contained herein, you’ll find an honest assessment, albeit an objective assessment, of the venues we’ve been able to visit. These are all based upon our personal preferences and experiences, and they certainly don’t constitute the be all to end all in opinions of a certain stadium or arena. As we’ve always found, the best way to know if you’ll like a place or not is to experience it for yourself, and only use blogs like this, and sites across the net, as a guidepost, but not bible.



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