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Auburn, New York

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jill had a 'Central Section' meeting for the New York State Hockey Association, so Mike and I tagged along for the ride. Auburn is always a good locale to visit, so we didn't mind the drive. We dropped Jill off at her meeting and then went into Auburn. We wandered around the baseball stadium and took some pics before going back to pick up Jill.

We weren't hungry for lunch yet, so instead we went to the Fingerlakes Mall on the outskirts of Auburn. It includes one of the largest (if not the largest) Bass Pro Shops in the US. We walked around there and around the mall for a bit while working up an appetite.

Finally hungry for lunch, we hit one of our favorite spots (and one that as of this post doesn't exist in Binghamton) - Buffalo Wild Wings! As a bonus, it was an NFL Sunday afternoon, so there were multiple TV's with multiple games on! Talk about sensory overload! We headed back to Binghamton after lunch.

Total Mileage: 186 Miles

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