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Atlanta, Georgia

Friday, May 23, 2008 - Sunday, May 25, 2008

There are some that might say this was a crazy trip, but I guess those are the folks that just don't understand. Sara had worked very hard all year long at dance, and asked that we come to Georgia to see her recital. We decided the best, and most cost effective, way to go would be to drive. We needed to do so within the bounds of a weekend because of my work schedule, so we knew that there would be quite a bit of traveling ahead of us!

On Friday night, we started south. We stopped in Carbondale to have a birthday dinner at Fresno's - Michaels 11th birthday was the day before. After making sure that we embarassed Mike with the singing waitstaff routine we continued our drive south of the Mason-Dixon line. Around 1:00 AM, we pulled into the Country Inn and Suites in Roanoke, Virginia.

After a quick nap (well, it was few hours sleep, but it seemed like a nap!) we jumped back into the car and completed the rest of the drive into Atlanta, arriving there around 6:00PM. We stayed at the Wingate by Windham in Buckhead (awesome hotel!), which was convenient to both Pace Academy, where Sara's recital was being held, as well as where the kids lived.

We went to the recital at Pace Academy, a private school in the suburbs of Atlanta. It was held in a very nice auditorium, reminiscent of the Anderson Center at Binghamton University only smaller. Sara danced in four different numbers (hip-hop, pointe, ballet, and tap), and did us proud in all of them! She even had a solo in the pointe routine since she was the only girl in the group to actually wear her pointe shoes!

Afterwards, Jill, Michael, and I went to the ESPN Zone in Buckhead for dinner before heading back to the hotel.

On Sunday, we went and picked up the kids and all of us went to the Cheesecake Factory for brunch. Then we dropped the kids off and began the trek back up the coast. We stopped at a Logan's Roadhouse for dinner in Statesville, North Carolina, as well as an ice cream stand in Salem, Virginia for dessert. When all was said and done, we pulled into Binghamton at 2:45AM on Monday. A long drive, but well worth it!

When did they get so big??

Total Miles: 1797 Miles

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