Anaheim, California

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A family trip to Southern California to do a bit of running! Headed out on Tuesday, making our way as far as the Knights Inn in Liverpool. On Wednesday we made the cross country trip from Syracuse to JFK to San Diego, grabbing up our rental car there and heading north to Anaheim arriving at our favorite SoCal location - Disneyland! Over the next few days we hit up both Disneyland and DCA, and in the process ran both the 10K and half marathon races there as well! Paul and Della Riccardi were in SoCal as was the ESC running group including Paul Gera and Linda Bachand. After spending a few days in Anaheim it was back south again. Spent Jill's birthday in Old Town where we ate at Cafe Coyote a couple of times and hit up a Padres game as well (finally). Made the trip back east on Tuesday.

Trip Notes:

We stayed in Room #128 at the Knights Inn in Liverpool

Our nightly rate at the Knights Inn was $75.65, for a total of $85.48 for the night.

We flew JetBlue flight 115 from SYR-->JFK; flight departed SYR at 600AM, arrived JFK at 712AM. Tim had seat 7B.

We flew JetBlue flight 189 from JFK-->SAN; flight departed JFK at 900AM, arrived SAN at 1142AM. Tim had seat 12E.

We flew JetBlue flight 190 from SAN-->JFK; flight departed SAN at 1234PM, arrived JFK at 903PM. Tim had seat 8B.

We flew JetBlue flight 1816 from JFK-->SYR; flight departed JFK at 1045PM, arrived SYR at 1159PM. Tim had seat 4B.

The scoreboard message was $55.00 and the money was a donation to the Padres Foundation.