Albany, New York

Friday, October 15, 2004

Day trip to watch Sens game in Albany, New York. This game was actually pretty painful to watch. The Senators were a 'stocked' team because of the NHL lockout, and Albany was perenially a bad team - and the Sens got spanked in this game. This was the beginning of our downswing on going to away games, mostly because it was obvious the team didn't feel like playing some nights (and this was one of them) so why should we spend the money and time going to away games to watch them play.

As for the 'Pepsi Arena', this was about the third time we had been to a game there together. It isn't the kind of place that really stands out, it's just kind of 'there'. It's a big building, with the upper deck being tarped off and only the lower bowl being used for hockey. The fans that we have sat near and around while there have been very knowledgable about the team and the game, which was nice to see. The problem is, there aren't many of them (fans). Couple that with the fact that it's a large building, and it can seem pretty quiet in there at points. That being said, with Albany only a couple of hours up the road from us, I'm sure it will remain a mainstay on our hockey travelling schedule.

Albany River Rats 6 Binghamton Senators 2

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