Welcome to our website!

Our little corner of the World Wide Web chronicles the many, many miles we have travelled together. From all four corners of the Continental United States, as well as Provinces in Canada and even the Emerald Isle, Jill and I have done the best we could do in squeezing the most out of what this life has to offer!

Arenas and Stadiums

Many times our travels take us to the 'local' arena or stadium of the locale we happen to be in. To keep track of the many sporting venues we've been to we have launched a sister site to this travelogue - feel free to visit there as well by following this link! tim and jill's arenas and stadiums

Our Brewster

In June of 2012 we lost our beloved Brewie. This picture adorned our previous main page, and it's only fitting that Brewie moves over to our 'new' home page as well. Always in our hearts, he will never be forgotten and his spirit travels with us wherever we may go! We love you puppin'!

Our Bert

During the winter of 2013 the temperatures around our 'home base' dropped significantly; for the previous year or so we had been feeding a feral cat (that was actually born under our Florida room in the winter of 2009). Concerned that he may freeze, we coaxed him inside over the course of a few days. After some initial adjustment issues he has quickly become our Bert, complete with raging jealousy every time he see's the suitcases pulled out! We swore 'never again' when we lost Brewie, but fate and nature have an odd way of negating 'never again'. As an update, on March 7, 2023 we lost our Mister Bert. We miss him so very much and our lives will never be the same without his stubborn, obstinate, beautiful soul being with us everyday. Never again is now never again. He is our last because nothing can ever replace him.

Our Ernie

So, deja vu' all over again? No, you're not seeing another picture of Bert; instead, this is a picture of Ernie (Bert's son). Another winter (this time the winter of 2014), another feral cat saved from the frigid cold. Ernie came to us much the same way his father did. Born under our front porch in the fall of 2012, Ernie started hanging around when the temperatures dropped during the winter of 2014. Afraid he would freeze to death, I opened the front door one day and he literally walked in the house and has been there ever since. Never again, again? Sadly, on February 29, 2020, Ernie crossed the Rainbow Bridge very unexpectedly. We are heartbroken without him around to scratch at the blanket all hours of the night, or cuddle with us when we are sitting on the couch, or meow at pretty much anything and everyone....